The training videos show how the DOORS is being used by practitioners in real life contexts. It introduces the different DOORS used to conduct systematic screening for risk to wellbeing.

Using the DOORS Software

Run time: 16 min 34sec

‘Using the DOORS Software’ video includes these segments:

  • Introducing the DOORS: In this video Ruth, the receptionist, shows Richard, the client, how to complete DOOR 1 – Parent Self Report on the computer. Ruth emphasises the importance of confidentiality. Richard fills in DOOR 1 on his own before his appointment with his lawyer.
  • Door 2: Practitioner Aide Memoire: Richard’s lawyer, John McKay, uses the Aide Memoire generated by the DOORS software to screen for Richard’s and his son Max’s safety and wellbeing. John McKay makes some referrals for Richard and suggests an action plan to follow up at their next appointment.

DOOR 2: Specialist Response First Meeting

Run time: 11 min 25 sec

Rachel, the client, has two children under 5. She is experiencing intense feelings of betrayal and anger. The DOOR 1 identified the domains of concern with parenting issues emerging. Beth, the practitioner follows up with Rachel using DOOR 2 about parenting in post separation and makes some DOOR 3 referrals.

DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Production by the Australian Institute of Social Relations, a division of Relationships Australia SA, and Family Transitions Pty Ltd in conjunction with iPiXELMEDIA.

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