The DOORS Handbook

This product contains the DOORS Handbook only (as a downloadable electronic file). The DOORS Handbook includes:

  •  Instructions for using the DOORS, including pen and paper versions of the DOORS screening tool
  •  Resources for responding to risks
  •  Risk domains in detail
  •  Learning guide

This product does not include the DOORS software excel version.

$75 (inc GST)



Product Description

Product Description

This product contains the complete DOORS package, including the DOORS Software and Handbook (as downloadable electronic files).

The DOORS Software provides an excel version of the DOORS screening tool. The Handbook complements practitioners’ use of the DOORS screening tool, providing a ‘how-to-guide’ and offering a comprehensive review of the evidence underpinning DOORS, including the ten risk domains for which the tool screens. It provides information regarding follow-up response tools and decision-making support, and discusses effective strategies for engaging clients in relation to risk evaluation and response.

The DOORS Handbook is best used in conjunction with the DOORS software, which provides further functionality for practitioners. Specifically, the software allows a parent to self-complete the screening tool, and the provision of a fully automated report to be generated for the professional, with tailored follow up prompts.

Technical Information

Technical Information

The Family Law DOORS software is only compatible with Windows 7 operating system. It is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and requires Microsoft Office 2010 software to run. The DOORS software also requires Adobe Reader, which is available for free download at the Adobe website.