Jennifer McIntoshJennifer McIntosh

Jennifer McIntosh, PhD, is Adjunct Professor at La Trobe University (School of Public Health and Human Biosciences) and Clinical Director of Family Transitions. She is a clinical and developmental psychologist, family therapist, and researcher based in Melbourne.

Her research and clinical practice has, for 25 years, been devoted to the study and treatment of family trauma and transition. Her interests as a researcher and educator in childhood trauma arise from studies and work in Australia, the UK and the USA, focusing on the experiences of children subject to family trauma and loss.

Jenn’s research over recent years has centred on children in high conflict divorce. She has developed and tested effective approaches to Child Inclusive Mediation, researched family outcomes of the Family Court’s Less Adversarial Trial, and studied children’s experiences in supervised contact centres.

Her latest research includes studies into the impacts on infant and child development of post separation parenting and care arrangements. She is an often invited speaker internationally, highly regarded for her developmental knowledge and advocacy for children’s rights to psychological health.

Claire RalfsClaire Ralfs

Claire Ralfs, PhD, is CEO of Relationships Australia SA and the Australian Institute of Social Relations, the training division of Relationships Australia SA and an experienced family services educator and counsellor.

Over the past 6 years, Claire has led the implementation of Relationships Australia SA service innovation in relation to family violence including systematic screening and risk assessment. She has also significantly contributed to the establishment of the child focused post separation services specifically establishing the iKiDs program, Adelaide Family Relationships Centres and two Children’s Contact Services.

Claire has drawn from this service, experience in the development of several national education projects including the AVERT Family Violence Training Package; the Point of Contact – children living with family violence education package; and square – Suicide Prevention Package.

Claire’s education PhD focused on professional education approaches in the health and community services.