The development of this product has taken many years and several iterations with the involvement of a great many people. The people acknowledged below have participated in the development of the original hard copy Handbook and/or in the development of this web site.

Family Transitions Research Team

Caroline Long, Bethany Parris, Evelyn Tan.

Relationships Australia SA Production Team

Pam Carden, Naomi Ebert Smith, Siobhan Evans, Kerry Johnson, Rebecca Kersten, Anna-Louise Mobley, Samantha Tipler, Anne-Marie Greathead, Thaao Wolf.

Special thanks:

The DOORS project team would like to thank Professor Amy Holtzworth-Munroe and Professor Janet Johnston for their expert knowledge and generous consultation in assisting with the development of the DOORS framework.

Many people assisted with the development of the DOORS. We extend sincere thanks to:

Gisela Adams, Roxanne Adams, Dr. Tom Altobelli (FM), Professor Amy Applegate, Alison Bailey, David Belperio, Kate Brett, The Hon. Diana Bryant, Professor Richard Chisholm, Theresa Clark, Judith Cross, Narina Dahms, Dr. Peter Furze, Iain Henderson, Kim Howard, Walter Ibbs, Kerrie James, Benjamin Johns, Dr. Carolyn Johnson, Paul Kerin, Michael King, Dr. Kairi Kőlves, Lander and Rogers Family Law Department (Melbourne), Jamie Lee, Virginia Leeuwenburg, Sharon Levinge, Professor Lyn Littlefield, Angela Lynch, Ralf Matters, Valerie Mobley, Professor Lawrie Moloney, Enaam Oudih, Lyndal Power, Mergho Ray, Damien Riggs, Judy Saba, Peter Salem, Fattaneh Scott, Ben Sellar, Dr. Joe Tucci, Sri Udakumbura, Sandra Vallance, Dr. Ruth Vine, Jo Willmot.

Development of the DOORS framework has been informed by a wide body of literature.

We acknowledge use of the two item TICS scale (Brown, Leonard, Saunders, Papasouliotis, 2001), reprinted here with permission of the authors.

The DOORS software was developed by L-Cubed (Melbourne), and particular thanks are extended to Pauline McMillan for her dedication to the task.

Sincere gratitude to the following organisations for participating in our pilot study:

Ballarat Family Relationships Centre, CatholicCare (Parenting Orders Program), Eastern Community Legal Centre, Family Court of Australia (Victoria & South Australia), GordonCare, Lander and Rogers Family Law Department (Melbourne), Mark Hebblewhite (Mediator), Relationships Australia SA, Victorian Legal Aid (Roundtable Dispute Management).